Brand Identity Design, Building Your Way to a Successful Business

Brand Identity Design, Building Your Way to a Successful Business

When you see the large yellow “M” sign of McDonald’s, I’m sure one of the first things that come to mind is a burger, especially their prized Quarter Pounder. How about the image of Colonel Sanders and the letters “KFC”? Thinking about their breaded chicken coated with a mixture of 11 different herbs and spices makes my mouth drool and my stomach growl in anticipation.

Brand Identity Design, Building Your Way to a Successful Business

These are some examples of world-renowned brands which prove how the effectiveness of having an excellent brand identity design affects the success of a business. If you plan to scale up your business and reach a wider audience, you must consider establishing your corporate identity first.

What is Brand Identity?

Brands are more than just colorful logos, fancy fonts, and catchy spills. It represents more than the logo you see on business cards, signage, print materials, packaging, apparel, and company website. A company’s brand pertains to the corporate identity, personality, credibility, ethics, mission, and merchandise. The brand logo helps people associate your products and services with your company, like some sort of visual aid representing everything consumers need to know about your business.

Brand Identity Design, Building Your Way to a Successful Business

Some experts in brand marketing advise against building your brand before you get to know your market. We believe brand management is a continuous process and it doesn’t have to come before or after you determine your market.

The Importance of Brand Identity

As we’ve said above, designing the brand identity for your business extends more than just the creation of the company logo. Establishing your corporate branding gives your business the following benefits:


Surely, you’re not the only company that operates in your industry. You may be the first but you definitely won’t be alone in it forever which is why it’s important that you establish your corporate identity that will separate you from your competitors.

It’s good to be imitated but no one has reached the summit of success from simply copying others. However, you can get ideas for your brand identity design from existing businesses and start examining how it helped them connect with their market.

The color, the font, and other styles incorporated in the logo should capture the attention of your consumers. It has to be unique and easy to remember.

We take pride in saying that we’ve mastered the business of designing brand identity and we can help you in this area without punching a hole in your wallet.


Logos and taglines are part of every company’s brand marketing strategy. It’s what you put in your products, packaging, calling cards, brochures, website, and every other medium you can think of. This is why well-funded companies spend a lot of money in advertisements to increase brand awareness which can be converted to sales.

However, all is not lost for startups and small businesses; it doesn’t necessarily mean that richly funded products always get the spotlight. You can use various social media platforms to promote your brand for free. Also, don’t forget the power of word of mouth.


Credibility works in tandem with brand awareness. Believe it or not, many consumers attribute product credibility with their awareness and exposure to the brand. Most of us prefer to buy branded products over unbranded ones because the presence of a company logo or name gives us some sort of security that the product has gone through proper procedures to ensure the quality of the goods they deliver. For startups and small companies, having a registered company name and logo means they have undergone legal processes to operate their businesses and sell verified products and services.

Aside from the logo and the quality of a company’s products, the business owners, their partners, and their dealings affect their overall reputation so don’t forget this aspect in building your corporate identity. No one wants to deal with a dubious company who readily bends the rules to turn the tides in their favor.


When you’re asked to choose between a car from BMW and one from Carmazoom, which one will you drive? Most probably it’d be the one from BMW because you’re confident with the quality of their vehicles. You may have read about them from reviews or you have a friend that can attest to its superiority over Carmazoom. Carmazoom who? I don’t know about them because I just made up their name.

If you want your small company to be as big as Google, Versace, or McDonald’s, you have to establish customer confidence with your brand identity right from the very start. As your business grows, the more confidence you gain from the market and more clients will avail your services.

Brand Identity Design, Building Your Way to a Successful Business

Essential Characteristics of a Brand Design

When we do corporate branding, we follow these factors in creating each and every design:

  • It must be original and unique from the brand identity design of our client’s competitors
  • It is simple yet instantly captures the attention of anyone who sees it
  • We mix fonts, shapes, and colors in a way that makes the brand logo worth remembering
  • The design should convey the products and services our clients provide

It’s important to observe these pointers when creating a brand identity design for a company, whatever the industry it’s in. Some agencies may provide you a logo that looks cool but doesn’t relate either to your business or your audience, ergo a brand that’s easily forgotten by your consumers. We’re not that kind of company because we study and do our homework before we let the inks flow onto the paper when we start your brand design.

Brand Identity Design, Building Your Way to a Successful Business

Getting Started

Planning your brand identity design is no easy task. It requires thorough market research to make sure you develop a brand that appropriately captures the heart of your business. This is where our brand management experts at Create Nova can help you.

We know by heart the importance of brand identity, especially for budding businesses. We won’t leave you in the dark once you’ve provided us your request. We work closely with our clients to ensure we give them top of the line designs appropriate to their taste and the company’s objectives. After we complete your request, we will give you a brand book which contains guidelines that will ensure design consistency for your brand when it’s expressed in other mediums.

Ready to build your corporate identity with us? If your business is based in Washington or New York, you can easily give us a call at (+1)315 563 69 00. Or you can send us a quick email at with the details on how we can help in designing your brand identity.

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