How a Powerful Presentation Design Can Help Your Small Business Get More Investors in the US

powerpoint presentation design
Microsoft PowerPoint and similar software that lets you create a presentation deck have become a mainstay in the corporate setting. PowerPoint slides are typically used to give updates on a team’s weekly progress, present figures on how the company is doing, and pitch new ideas and projects to executive bodies. For startups and small businesses, their PowerPoint slides have the power to attract potential investors and clients into the company.

Almost all companies in the US utilize the power of PowerPoint presentation slides in their business. Here are some of the most important factors that give PowerPoint slides an edge over any other medium in giving impactful business presentations:

1.     Ease of use

The programs used to create PowerPoint presentations have user-friendly interfaces. Even those who are not tech-savvy can easily create their own presentation in a few minutes.

2.     Accessibility

Every computer has a program that can read presentation files. Even smartphones have a built-in reader for this type of file. There are also online tools that can open presentation files. All these means of access show how accessible PowerPoint slides are. You can bring your files for your business presentation literally anywhere you want.

3.     Visual appearance

Too much text impedes the ability of the audience to fully digest the information presented to them. PowerPoint templates encourage you to put in a combination of texts and images that can readily get your message across your audience.

Inserting relevant graphs, tables, diagrams, and similar visual aids add value to the quality of your business presentation. Potential investors can quickly grasp how your business is doing with just a glance at these figures.

4.     Flexibility

Slides can be segmented to tackle a specific subject one at a time. You can rearrange the slides in a way that’s more effective in sending your message. This modular ability sounds like a basic function but it’s what actually makes PowerPoint presentation slides compelling to use.

Slides can also handle a variety of multimedia elements like graphs, images, videos, and sounds to make your presentation more engaging.

Despite these advantages, many fail to grasp and maximize the wonders a powerful PowerPoint presentation can provide. People tend to cram in too much information on the slides, completely failing to streamline the data the audience is looking for.

Fret not because we have just the solution for you.

How to Have a Standout Presentation Design


powerpoint presentation slides

Our team of designers knows the nuts and bolts in creating professional PowerPoint designs that can turn your vague ideas into real and effective business presentations. To make this possible, Create Nova observes the following aspects in crafting a presentation design for you:

·      Readability

You won’t find chunks of text that are hard to read and digest in any of our presentation designs. Text-heavy content? We can summarize it, trim it, and restructure it to make sure the finer points that matter to your audience are emphasized in the presentation deck.

·      Layout

Layout plays a major role in creating a professional PowerPoint design. We make sure the slides exhibit a clean presentation design to make it easier for the audience to discern its message.

Slides should follow a certain “flow” in their arrangement. The best PowerPoint designs feature a structure similar to a typical story: there’s an exposition, and then a rising action which eventually leads to a climax before the call to action is presented.

·      Visuals

To instantly win your audience, your presentation design should have cutting-edge features that normal PowerPoint templates can’t offer. Adding visual elements like graphs, images, tables, and charts can help divulge your intended message exactly the way you want it to. However, our presentation design service at Create Nova can do more than just add these to your presentation deck. We can revolutionize them to make them more unique and eye-catching that they’ll burn right into your audience’s memory the moment they see them.

We can include animations in our presentation design to help explain the contents of the slides better. We can also convert the presentation deck into a video clip that can be viewed on any media player.

These are the major guidelines we follow in creating presentation designs for our clients. Aside from these, our team of designers can divide the work among themselves for a faster project turnaround that’s ahead of your presentation deadline.

Our primary goal at Create Nova is to help small business owners in the US to become part of the Fortune 500 companies in the near future. We can move you closer to achieving this dream by providing you with professional PowerPoint designs that can capture the interest of investors and improve your sales. We believe that the best PowerPoint designs give emphasis on informing and educating the audience by clearly laying out the narrative of your topic in a well-organized manner.

If you’re interested in catapulting your business to success, we suggest you take a look at some of the presentation design services we can provide:

·      Custom Presentation Designs

Using the same presentation design over and over again is okay if you’re simply reporting weekly updates during team meetings. However, using default PowerPoint templates can be a letdown when you’re presenting to a bigger audience or to potential investors.

Create Nova can create custom presentation designs tailored to fit your company’s branding. This is one of those little things that many small businesses often overlook. They fail to completely grasp how this subtle thing can affect a client’s perspective on the company’s credibility and professionalism.

·      Animated Presentation Designs

Animations make PowerPoint slides more interactive and attention-grabbing. By introducing elements that help make the content more engaging, we plant a tremendous impact in the learning experience of the audience.

·      Converting PowerPoint Slides into a Video Presentation


Let’s agree to the fact that a lengthy PowerPoint presentation is less enjoyable to watch than a well-made video tackling the same topic. We can remedy this by converting your slides into a video presentation that can get the message across your target as if they’re in the same room with you during a discussion. The video we make can be played on any video player installed on either a desktop or a mobile device.

Create Nova specializes in creating PowerPoint slides for investor pitch decks and sales and marketing presentations. We also make sure that our presentation designs are printer-friendly that texts remain readable even when you print the PowerPoint slides in a 6×6 format.

If you want to create powerful PowerPoint presentations that will entice more investors into your business, you can seek our help by calling us at (+1)315 563 69 00. You’ll be received by our team, eager to give assistance in any way they can. You can also reach us via email at if you want a unique pitch deck that fully delivers your brand across the audience.

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