How an effective landing page design can impact small businesses in the US

Landing page design

Having an effective landing page design can be the magic your business needs in order to increase its presence online and generate more leads. However, a poorly designed landing page features unorganized content that will keep users away from visiting your site ever again.

Do you need a landing page design? How does it differ from a homepage? What are the advantages of having one instead of a plain homepage? These are the questions we’ll be answering as you read on.

For now, let’s discuss some studies on the number of small businesses in the US present online.

Landing page design

Survey Says

According to a survey from Clutch, a B2B research firm from Washington, DC, more than 70% of small businesses in the country have their own websites; 80% of them have mobile-responsive websites. Majority of these small business owners said they requested their own employee to build the company website while some hired freelancers or used website builder apps available online.

Around 30% of these businessmen who don’t have a website said they instead have business profiles on various social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Aside from the lack of technical skills, time, and budget to build their own website, many of these business owners feel they don’t need a site for the type of business they’re in. However, more than 90% of the surveyed business owners who said they don’t have a website yet plan to have their own websites built before 2018 ends.

It’s baffling to know that there are still some business owners who don’t have a company website, much more one that features a decent landing page design. Based on this study, businesses continue to occupy a space in the digital world, battling to get increased user attention. If you don’t want your business to get left behind, you better start now and create an effective landing page design for your website.

Homepage vs. Landing Page


Landing page vs home page

So what’s the difference between these two seemingly identical terms? They can actually have overlapping descriptions and intertwining purposes, but for now, let’s briefly discuss their individual definitions.

A website homepage introduces what the site can further offer to its viewers. It’s like a common area in a building where you can find several pathways that lead to other rooms. You can explore the other rooms from this common area and easily return to it if you get lost.

In the digital world, this common area is the homepage of your website. It should immediately capture the attention of your viewers and explain to them what your site offers. The homepage is the façade that will either entice your viewers to take a look around your website or prompt them to leave and never return.

A landing page, on the other hand, plays a major part in converting your visitors into leads. Conversion is its real purpose which is why the landing page design needs to be captivating and its copy, compelling. Contrary to what a homepage does, everything there is to know about your business, including its products and services, can be found on the landing page.

Neither of them is the better option over the other. Depending on your website’s purpose, either of these can help you increase your business’ online presence and lead generation. Take note that search engines also rank a page based on its strength in converting users – a feature Create Nova’s top landing page designs can offer.

The Benefits of Having a Striking Landing Page Design

Here are some of the advantages that an effective landing page design can do to your budding business:

  • Higher Conversion Rates

Like what we just discussed, the main purpose of a landing page is to increase conversion rates. Effective landing page designs include a call to action portion that can eventually lead to improved sales. You can have your viewers subscribe to your newsletter, ask for a price quotation, provide contact details, and inquire more about your offers as part of your call to action.

  • Improve Company Credibility

The top landing page designs feature content and links that greatly help site visitors get what they need. Putting helpful information on your site gives you a higher chance of having repeat users visit your website. Search engines see this process as proof of your site’s credibility. This can increase your credibility rating which can also improve your search ranking.

Some landing page designs, include user testimonials and awards the company has received throughout its lifetime. Awards and testimonials give new visitors more security in availing your products and/or services, since they know they’re dealing with a real company that guarantees satisfactory results.

  • Capture Useful User Data

Because of the strong call to action techniques featured on landing page designs, you can gather information on which links user click more, which of your offers they show interest in, and other details you can use to improve your site. Usually, effective landing page designs include an email subscription form which you can use to increase the number of users your marketing campaigns can reach.

  • Increase Brand Awareness and Presence

With the regular barrage of email campaign you send to subscribers, it won’t be a surprise if you become more popular to the public. They’ll become more acquainted with your brand which is a good sign to further increase your lead conversion rate. Emailing useful content and relevant ads to your subscribers highly increase their awareness of your brand. However, make sure you don’t appear too spammy if you don’t want to deal with losing customer relationships instead.

These are just some of the advantages your business can get from maximizing your site by fitting it with an appropriate landing page design which can be created by experts at Create Nova.

Design Landing Page


An effective landing page design is nothing without a persuasive pitch. A study from the Nielsen Norman Group shows that the first 10-20 seconds a user views your site is crucial to whether they’ll visit your website again or not. Our team at Create Nova knows this which is why we only provide top landing page designs that will surely capture your visitor’s full attention.

You can choose to buy template designs sold online but these may not fit the nature of the products and services your business offers. Hiring developers to build everything from scratch may also be a lucrative option especially if you’re just establishing your presence in the industry. Good thing we don’t charge as much as them at Create Nova. We also don’t use templates to make sure every design we provide is unique even among millions of company websites existing online.

When you’re ready to give your site an effective landing page design, give us a call at (+1)315 563 69 00. We can also give you a quotation for free when you email your requests at

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