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Increasing Online Visibility of Small Businesses With Create Nova’s Mobile Design Service

Smartphones continue to swarm the market like some kind of a zombie-virus outbreak. And with the exponential growth in mobile internet usage, desktop computers may soon become obsolete.
Take a look at the one seating next to you. They might be so focused on their phone that they won’t notice you’re even there. This shows how much attention we give to mobile usage and how it has become part of our everyday routine.
There’s been a lot of study on how much time people actually spend looking at their phones. From browsing social media sites and surfing the internet to playing games and online shopping – almost anything you can do on a desktop can be done on a mobile device. According to a report from Flurry, US consumers spend an average of 5 hours daily on their mobile devices – a 20% increase from 2015’s data.

US Daily Mobile Time Spent Create Nova


According to a different study from comScore’s Mobile Metrix, mobile phone users in the US age 18 and above spend an average of 2 hours and 51 minutes daily on their phone.

Time US customers spend on mobile createnova


Although the results pertain to a 2016 study, the trend clearly defines where we’re going on the following years. It’s obvious that the uptrend will continue as more websites and apps become available in mobile phones.

time spent us customer on mobile apps createnova


According to the numbers presented in Flurry Mobile’s study, people spend most of their time on social media, messaging, and entertainment apps. Time spent on games have dwindled while social media takes the top spot, with users spending an average of 2 hours according to a report from MediaKix.
Different organizations have conducted their own studies on this subject matter which you can look into for further reference. Though these graphs show different numbers, we can clearly see that there’s a surge in the use of mobile phones in today’s society. It’s even safe to say that it has become a habit for all of us.
Mobile phone access has become part of our daily life. We use our phones to browse the internet, interact in social media, communicate with other via call and text, play games, or to simply set them as an alarm clock.
Now, how do all these statistics relate to your small business? Knowing how often people get their hands on their phone, it’s obvious that your business should be visible on this platform. You should know how to maximize the benefits and convenience offered by smartphones to its users.

Reasons to Have a Mobile Responsive Design for Your Website


Reasons to have mobile friendly website createnova


If you have a desktop website but it doesn’t have a mobile design, there’s a high chance that you’re missing a lot of internet traffic. All hope is not lost since it’s possible to make your website look great on either desktop or mobile devices.
A mobile responsive design allows content and images to remain structurally correct when viewed on a mobile device. This makes the site still look great (sometimes, even greater) even on varying screen sizes. Typically, programmers employ a method to retract the site’s contents to fit them on smaller screens.
Some businesses run two different sites to cater to both platforms: a desktop and a mobile website. However, this method unnecessarily creates two different URLs and two sets of HTML codes. This forces Google to crawl through multiple versions of a site containing the same content – a red flag for Google’s SEO algorithm.
Aside from pleasing Google’s SEO algorithm, here are a few more reasons why it’s ideal for any business to have their websites feature a mobile responsive design.

1) It enriches user experience

When you view a static and non-responsive website on a mobile device, you may have to zoom in on the portion you want to view. This happens because the website just shrinks everything to maintain its structure on a smaller screen, making the whole thing inconvenient to navigate.
User experience is important. No one wants to browse a site or an app that features poor design, unclear content, and non-functional buttons. According to a study from Google, users leave a site 61% of the time when they can’t find what they’re looking for in a few minutes. On the other hand, users who enjoy a positive experience using a mobile app or browsing a mobile responsive website are more likely to trust the brand or product presented to them.
As a business owner, you want to get as much traffic as you can on your app or website which is why it’s important to present them with a captivating mobile design.


Mobile Friendly - Responsive Design enriches user experience CreateNova


2) It improves conversion rates

In connection with providing optimal user experience, sites with excellent mobile design tend to amass recurrent users. These are users that return to your site because you continue to provide them with reliable information, products, and/or services without any hassle. To get to this level, your website should be clean, crisp, and easy to navigate, and there’s no better way to have it other than with an excellent mobile design.
Users won’t definitely like it if they spend too much time on a site that doesn’t give them what they want. We’re living in a fast-paced world where time is a precious commodity itself. By having a well-defined mobile design for your website, you can easily direct users to your sales pitches, subscriptions, or any element beneficial to your business.

3) It makes site maintenance easier

Since you’re just managing one library that contains all the codes for both your desktop and mobile websites, updating every little thing is easier. You won’t have issues wherein an update has been implemented on the desktop site, only to notice that your programmer forgot to commit the same changes on the mobile version.
Google prefers a mobile responsive design approach over device-specific programming methods. The former makes it easier for Google’s indexing algorithm to read your site’s content, increasing your chances of ranking higher in their search results.

Getting Your Own Mobile Design

Create Nova is the answer if you want to give users an unforgettable experience when they use your app or navigate your website on their mobile phones. You may have come across a website that looks like crap when viewed on your phone and you don’t want yours to be one of them.

Mobile friendly vs non mobile friendly createnova

Our mobile design team can fashion a design for your website that’s compatible with iOS, Windows, Android, and other popular mobile operating systems. We follow the latest UI and UX standards and we’re updated on the latest trends in creating the best app designs for mobile devices. By working with highly-experienced mobile developers, we’re able to combine both technical and visual aspects to create appealing, flawless, and intuitive mobile site designs.
Many companies designing for mobile sites focus solely on how to make the apps look gorgeous on phones. CREATE NOVA takes the game a notch higher because we’ll study your industry and your target consumers to tailor-fit our mobile designs with your company’s branding and market. We study your consumer’s needs, products, and services, and combine it with current trends to create valuable and smart mobile designs.

Professional Responsive Design by createnova team

Let us help give your users a unique mobile experience they’ll never forget by giving us a call at (+1)315 563 69 00. If you’re online, we can show you our mobile design portfolio that has given our clients an exponential boost in their conversion rates. And since you’re online, why not drop us an email at so we can talk about how we can improve your business with our mobile design service.

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