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Logo Design, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Web Design, we serve clients in the United States and Europe

CRATE NOVA creates for you the right first impression on your website that you need to encourage your visitors to take the next step. we create an innovative and unique design that will help your business to grow faster than Ever Impress your potential customer with CREATE NOVA

How We Do Things

We follow 3 simple steps in doing business with our clients

free project analysis

Once you’ve decided to work with CREATE NOVA, we’ll offer you a free project analysis made by our creative design team. We’ll produce mockups for your business or for a new product posed for development. The mockup will consist of a wireframe and design summary which we’ll follow after you give us your go signal to proceed.


After you’ve approved the free project analysis, CREATE NOVA will provide you with the complete design prototype which will include the fonts, colors, and layouts to be used by our design and communications agents. The innovative ideas we’ve come up with will help define the final design your company will use for its business, product, or app.


Upon the approval of the prototype, our design and communications team will implement the agreed design by combining the guidelines defined in the wireframe and the ideas detailed in the prototype.

Scripting Language Automation

Robust analytic thinking skills with the ability to identify, debug, and resolve technical issues

We love to share a unique creative vision with our clients we color outside the lines

Web application design & development

In order to provide the best User Experience, Our full development team works collaboratively to produce exceptional code. Designing, improving and integrating business processes across disparate systems, best practice in web standards as our top-of-mind, tip-of-fingers priority. Deliver solutions within an Agile methodology, while establishing quality, timeliness, and adherence to good architectural practice and guidelines

Mobile application design & development

Mobile application design and development team works with clients in order to:
- Develop user-friendly mobile applications
- Plan and test features and functionality
- Create effective strategies for promoting your mobile app
- Enhance business processes and create a competitive advantage

Cloud-based platforms and services

Wherever you start your journey to the Cloud, we'll go further together. we will work with you to get to the next level with our passionate experts across all leading platforms, standing by to offer support, designing, improving and integrating business processes across disparate cloud systems.

Our full-stack development team works collaboratively to resolve complex technical issues: providing design guidance that follows the enterprise cloud architecture vision and adheres to application technology guidelines; and understanding and mitigating the impact of technical design to security, performance and data privacy

Landing Page Design

Amazing design and best-looking pages you need something stunning to break up the text. Your images should be engaging, relevant, and consistent with your brand.
CREATE NOVA focuses on creating a highly-effective landing page design for your website that encourages visitors’ eyes to scan the landing page and settle on the CTA button.
Get users immediately hooked to your website with our captivating landing page designs

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